1.2 Fall 2019

Week 17, Monday

H is back. Guitar teacher is back?? Plot twists all around.

5-1 made me question why I ever wanted to teach kids in the first place. Grade 4 and 5-3 reminded me why I did. THANK YOU KIDS.

(S teaches 5-1 Korean and also has the same sentiment. VALIDATION!)

4-3 has a new student so I crouched down to her during the pre-class chaos to ask her what her name is. Suyeon, one of my roleplay buddies, actually pointed her out to me. She handled my surprise Korean well although I wonder if our class antics made her bat an eye… (playing with Baby J, draping myself across one girl’s desk, petting the hair of another who got an adorable bob, singing “how much is it” and the return chorus, and just general shenanigans that I share with grade 4). I thought today, even though they’re so damn loud, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. We have a good bond. There are jokes to be made.

H has officially returned from maternity leave and she. Is. GLOWING. S is jealous because S suffered from post-partum depression: “H, how can you be so happy? I had such a hard time. Also Abigail says your face looks smaller.”

It’s true– H lost all but four pounds of her pregnancy weight like some endorsed celebrity.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with a private tutor I found via Craigslist. She has emphasized that she only does speaking so if I can’t get my numerous strange grammar questions answered (because I can’t really form a sentence without…grammar), I really have half a mind to return to the book store and ask that poor guy if he wants to be my tutor. He has a degree in Korean language after all!

Plus he’s on my side of town. Our tutoring would only be to the detriment of his physical well-being.

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