Getting Dressed in Korean

Feel my pain: these are the ways you say “put on” in Korean. The verb changes to match the type of clothing/accessory/makeup. For example, you put on clothes, fasten a watch, pull on shoes, fit rings and gloves, spread, lotion, do makeup, tie a necktie but wrap a scarf, pick up a bag but strap on a purse.

다 signals verb infinitive.

My tutor asked what kind of man I like, “fashionable”? I said any is okay as long as there is some effort. But “If he takes more time getting ready than me, I really don’t like it.”

For language corner, we can see how different Korean is in sentence structure which really struck me at the time:

Me-than getting-ready-time more takes if, really dislike.

That’s why it’s more difficult to pick up individual Korean words in subtitled movies or dramas because it’s not a one to one match.

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