1.3 Winter 2020

Desk Warming, Week Three, Day Four:

Let me tell you something. The kids wore me out a little bit today.

We started out with a review of greetings and the alphabet song. I also introduced the concept of plurals using -S which is something Korean does not have.

They’re smart little kids so I moved into body parts by teaching head shoulders knees and toes and then singing it and then we all danced it together in increasing speeds which they thought was so funny and I admit I cracked up myself too (and sweat a little).

There’s a game I had originally planned to play with winter camp before its untimely cancellation. The main idea is each student has a piece of paper and draws one body part. Then they pass it to the next student and draw another body part.

In the end we had with 21 papers with grotesque but hilarious drawings. Unfortunately the kids got really excited during this activity and loud and a bit out of control so I had to do a lot of calls for attention. There was only one day care teacher today and more kids than yesterday.

They knew they were a little bit in trouble when I collected all their papers and stood at the front of the class with a quiet sign until they all became quiet and looked at me. I let the silence go on a bit longer then had them sing ABC to calm down: it was a very somber ABC. But I figured that was enough reflection for them so I held up each drawing in front of the class and to them each was more hilarious than the next. I felt like a comedian God.


And of course our running inside joke is: teacher are you Korean? Yes, I am!

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