1.4 Spring 2020 (COVID Archives)

June 2

C and I settled in for lunch between the clear plastic dividers when the VP, sitting to her other side, asked her a question which made her laugh then pass on to me in English:

“The VP wants to know, do you like makgeolli and pajeon?”

I laughed helplessly. So I suppose the office staff was not too embarrassed to tell everyone that they ran into me at the restaurant all those months ago. I do of course wonder if they left out the details that they were already eight bottles of makgeolli in or that the office manager showed me an old picture of his abs.

Somehow, I doubt they passed along those memories.

I heard the VP add in English, “I like makgeolli” and it took too long for that to register in my brain. No one speaks to me in English at school aside from my co-teachers and jolly security guard, even those who can (*ahem* office staff young woman) and I couldn’t comprehend that someone was making an effort for me. This is not the first time the VP has attempted to speak to me in English and I really appreciate it.

He promised, through C, that he would treat me to makgeolli and pajeon. I don’t doubt his sincerity, he has been a nice man. However, I do wonder how many others will tag along to view the spectacle of their foreign teacher doing the most ajusshi thing possible.

But if he’s paying, I won’t say no.

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