1.4 Spring 2020 (COVID Archives)

The Case of the Missing Milk

Last week I was very excited to stumble upon another buy two get one three sale at 7-Eleven on coffee milk. However, when I went to reach for one in the community fridge this week, I found them to be all gone.

My only thought was, well must have drunk all of them and didn’t even realize it. I didn’t think much about it since I had also gotten the two for one coffee milk sale the week prior and my brain just wasn’t catching up that something was off.

But then, my co-teacher came into our classroom and said “did you buy coffee milk and put it in the fridge?“ I answered affirmatively with some suspicion.

She responded “one of the homeroom teachers for fifth grade drank it. She thought it was for the grade 5 teachers and was bought by the head teacher since it was on the same shelf.”

Now, I haven’t had any trouble with the other snacks that I bought and put on that shelf…

I told her, “oh I was wondering where one went” but she corrected me. “No, she drank all three of them.”

I was a bit shocked at this very non-communal and non-Korean behavior. But before I could start to feel any kind of way she told me that the teacher was very sorry and would buy me replacements, even better replacements.

She added, “the teacher said they were near expiration so…” which, hey, don’t pretend you’re doing me a favor now when you’ve admitted to the crime!

Today I was appeased to find three new coffee milks, no more or less. Even if they weren’t “better” replacements, I’ll take my offerings where I can!

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