4.2 Fall 2022


I sat on a bench outside of the Lotte Cinema when I heard someone call for me.

Two fourth grade girls ran up to my side, huffing in their haste and excitement. I should have guessed they were fourth grade; my older students are too surly to chase me down me the street.

One was a girl in purple with a new bobbed haircut. Once she caught her breath, she and her friend giggled too much to say anything. I made out that they were en route to the supermarket.

“What will you buy?” I asked in Korean.

More giggles.

“Pizza? Cake? Steak?!”

They giggled more and shook their heads.

“Oh look!” I said, pointing at one’s knee high sock.

“Wow, we’re sock twins! Can I take a picture?”

She stuck her Croc’d foot next to mine.

The three of us headed out together across the perilous intersection.

I had to pull back my twin by her shoulder so she didn’t get squished by a speeding car. The mom energy coursed through me and I dared that driver to come back; I’m six foot in these heels, try me!

Our trio safely made it across and chatted before splitting at the supermarket entrance.

“Have a fun sleepover!”

“Bye, teacher!”

Fourth graders are the best. Even the boys who saw me jaywalk once and have since taken to reminding me in sassy English, “bE CaReFuL, teacher!” at every possible moment.

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