Hello and welcome to Abs Abroad, a blog about life as a foreigner in South Korea.

After graduating with an engineering degree and working in the industry for a few years, I decided to finally follow my dream to teach overseas!

I currently live in a small city in the Gyeongnam region of South Korea where I spend my days laughing about inside jokes with my elementary schoolers, coaching high school debate, working on my pull-up game, and enjoying all that this coastal life has to offer. After spending almost a year spamming my Facebook friends with weekly updates about my overseas life, I decided to make my thoughts public and spam the good people of the internet instead!

Misadventures will be posted as they come, which is often. To keep up with all the latest, subscribe below. And be sure to check your spam box!

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Happy reading!

All banner images were taken by me.
1. Suwon Hwaseong Fortress (green building, white background)
2. Confucian Village in Andong (black roof, pink flowers)
3. Confucian School in Gyeongju (tall roof, white background)