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    October 26, My minions

    My fifth grade travel school kids are slowly climbing the ladder to being my favorites. Ten minutes before 5-1 English class starts, two girls come early to chat with me. It started the other week and has continued since. The two are equal height but one is more extroverted with long hair; the other is quiet but witty with a hair cut so short it rivals her male classmates yet somehow fits her perfectly. I didn’t know we had established a pattern but kids are great like that. I wandered back to the English classroom only to find the two crowded by the desk waiting for me. I gave them…

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    April 1, No fools

    My body and I have been struggling through the week but the kids are alright. Two boys in fifth grade started to physically fight each other and I had to raise my voice for real. Is this what parenting is? I felt a shiver of dread: if I can’t keep two boys from for fighting for forty minutes, would I even be a good parent? Luckily, it was nothing serious: one boy who has some trouble already got upset at his teammate, another boy who doesn’t participate well. The first boy started cursing under his breath and then moved on to hitting him in the head. “Hey! Sit down.“ The…