0. Prologue

From the Beginning

January, 2020
Seoul, South Korea

Let me explain my origin story.

This blog first originated on my private Facebook page. Not ideal for blogging but it allowed my extended family to keep up with my experiences abroad. Initially, I didn’t expect to update daily but then it turns out, I had a lot to say. My coworkers, my new friends, my students, strangers, and even the local alley cats have provided an endless dearth of insight into Korean culture, human relationships, and what it means to live in a completely different home.

The setup goes like this:

Each day, if there is something to report, you will find a blog post with the day name and number. As I first started writing about my life here 6 months ago, the first chunk of posts will be backdated.

Unlike other blogs, this reads more as a story. There are characters, daring fights, tales of romance, treasures, failures. There will be stories that reflect well on me and stories that don’t. Just keep reading. Growth and all that.

And like all good stories, there are things I can’t reveal until the end. Maybe one day you’ll discover why exactly I quit a high paying corporate job and took a 60% pay cut to live in Asia or why I only video call my mother once a month.

Thank you for your interest, dear reader. See you very soon.


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