1.1 Summer 2019

My First Friend

June 4

I made my first new Korean friend ♥️ She is the AirBnb matriarch and a lovely woman. She forces me to use Korean numbers and took me shopping for necessary items like soap and light up flamingos.

After a long trip at Lotte Mart where I seriously debated on a cactus, we ate 순대, 떡볶이, 오뎅 (blood sausage, rice cake, fish cake). Let me tell you, fresh 순대 is a game changer. The cashier lady asked if I needed a fork which I refused (“알아서, 알아서”) because my chopstick game is STRONG but she also had some psychic powers because she pointed me towards the napkins before I even got the words out.

I’m still embarrassing myself at the supermarket and with nearly every person I meet but my Korean is expanding rapidly under fire. Next stop? Making ramen at 7-11. Baby steps.

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