1.1 Summer 2019

June 12, A Rant

I’m at a cafe that’s “hip” with an English menu and “Burrito” neon sign which of course has on ordering kiosk that’s all Korean. I don’t feel deceived though, English is more like a fun accessory at the restaurants on this side of town.

But the main takeaway is that I’m sitting next to two English-speaking Europeans who are loudly talking about what they don’t like in Korea:

“Koreans are really closed off”

Have you considered your behavior might be isolating? And that you don’t speak Korean aka the national language? And that the two of you are here with each other instead of inviting along your Korean classmates?

“The freshman here seem way younger than the freshman in Germany, like they are 16”

Did you know that 18 is actually not far removed from 16? That Korean high school students spend 8 hours in school then an additional 5 hours in cram school to get into college and don’t have much time to be a kid? That the young male freshman will have to dedicate a significant portion of their early 20s to mandatory military service? Maybe they want to enjoy their youth, hm?

I have a soft spot for all my Asians and I will fight any fake woke foreigner.

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