1.1 Summer 2019

August First, The Winds of Change

I was excited to go to the bank to pay my health club bill because it was something I (thought I) knew how to do only to find that the original teller room had been removed because the bank walls have been knocked down and everything else rearranged.

I was gone for a week and when I came back two fast food places has shut down, Innisfree had moved from its new location back to its old location four doors down, and a Starbucks had popped up.

Two weeks ago there was a convenience store on my corner that has since been gutted and made into a different convenience store.

The salad place I wanted to try is now closed indefinitely.

Last week my friends and I tried to revisit our tiramisu ice cream place only to find out after passing an empty building several times that the cafe had disappeared, with only a dusty door sticker to indicate that it had once existed at all.

And I have to ask again, are we completely sure that Seoul isn’t the Room of Requirement?

If I wander enough will a Target appear? Fingers crossed.

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