Side Quests

Jeju Island

I’m currently on an island for a mini break before teacher training begins. After eating with a new hostel friend we parted ways and I entered one of the many hipster cafes on this side of town.

As I waited for my tiramisu cafe latte two older men, decked in the classic middle aged gear of a fishing vest and hiking shirt, waved hello at me. I waved back and said in Korean “aren’t I pretty?” with appropriate cutesy hands.

They were momentarily shocked into silence and then conspired amongst themselves, countering in English with “American?”. I responded in Korean “Yes I’m American” because someone on this island is going to have to speak to me in Korean. My latte arrival interrupted any other conversations we may have had so I simply said 잘 지내세요~ and went on my way.

4 hours on Jeju and it’s kind of the best.

Have you ever wanted to worship a mountain?

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