1.2 Fall 2019


This week I’m in Chungju for teacher training. I’m impressed by the time and effort put into our week of training and even more impressed that the mayor of Chungju spoke at the opening ceremony. He encouraged us to buy local peaches and tell our friends to come visit.

Man, I love a good businessman.

The women at my table were so earnest to dive into the culture that they ate our western style dinner with chopsticks (I’m not going to tell them that no Korean eats peas with chopsticks).

So cheers to Chungju! Like most of Korea its charm snags you when you least expect it. It makes me a bit jealous of teachers with rural placements.

By this time next week I’ll finally know in which neighborhood I’ll be living and how old my kiddos will be. And if my apartment has a TV or like. Chairs.

Life’s an adventure.

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