1.2 Fall 2019

Week 2, Thursday

During lunch an infamous second grader poked his head into the teacher’s cafeteria and exclaimed in Korean “Oh! The new English teacher!” The doors are sometimes open so on occasion kids linger to say hello to the teachers and run away.

In the afternoon I had fourth grade English club. They watched the original Jumanji and the boys LOVED it. I heard them say about the cop’s silly reactions: “so cute”. All the boys had a terrific reaction to the two adults almost kissing and I wish I had recorded it (are they going to? Oh? OOOoooOoOoOh).

They also laughed at the scene where Judy shines a price scanner in Van Pelt’s eyes and the cash register says “no sale”. The girls were less interested in the movie if the note passing and desk football were an indication. But several of the girls turned around and caught my eye a few times. “Do you have a question? Vigorous head shaking. The next time they blew me kisses.

Strong Girl, Weak Boy, and Tank Boy have now been joined by sky boy. Listen, they’re eleven, I don’t know how they come up with these things.

I did a vocab review with all my third graders and their exuberance is energizing! Every time I asked them to “show me [school supplies]” half the class would finish my sentence with “show me the money!” At the end of the little quiz I had a GIF of a cat dancing to Gangnam Style. In one class I asked “what is the cat doing?” but the entire class got out of their chairs and started doing the Gangnam Style choreography because they thought I meant for them to dance. The teacher and I could only look at each other and laugh.

Later I saw my third grade students in the hall and one was kicking her shoe around. So I stepped in and we played soccer with it.

I’m probably a bad influence.

As it’s Thursday I headed to Gangnam for class. I had a scarring experience at a cafe with spoiled milk in my latte but with some finagling I got a replacement. I think the owner was originally going to make me pay for the replacement but probably looked at the milk expiration date and realized her mistake. This Korean class (still) makes me want to cry but if my last course was any indication this just means I’ll rise from the ashes. Fingers crossed (books open).

There’s a typhoon coming so I’ll have time to study, or rather, no choice but to stay home and study. I should probably buy groceries…

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