1.2 Fall 2019

Week 3, Monday

Due to student swimming this week, my schedule was moved around and I found myself sitting at my desk during fourth grade ethics class. But before class started, the teacher told me we would make Chuseok envelopes (like Hongbao).

In the beginning of class I sat at an empty desk, causing waves throughout class, and the students around me helped me fold and glue the envelope. They were very excited that I joined them and they made sure I had paper and glue.

I wanted to participate and asked if I could put something in it for the kids. My coteacher got excited and pulled out a basket of candy. She added “today they will learn how to bow to their parents. They can practice on you! After, you should give them a short speech.”

So that’s how I found myself seated in front of 23 fourth graders who bowed to me on the floor. I told them to be happy, healthy, and study hard, then placed candy into all their envelopes as they approached one by one.

What a moment.

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