1.2 Fall 2019

Week 5, Thursday

I could go into detail about a lot of inconsequential but interesting things today like how my 3-4 class is becoming a terrible fourth grade class, or the posh little boy in Gangnam station who dramatically lay on the floor much to everyone’s amusement, or the sixth graders reaction to my straightened hair, or the insane amount of beautiful people I saw in Gangnam this evening.

But I think I’ll tell just this:

My school is a couple blocks away from the main road so I pass Mom&Pop stores stores like the small thrift store (she already has new inventory in), a trendy little cafe, a row of old toy machines, and a street food shop that’s standing only. There are always students at the street food stall and often they are mine, but too engrossed in ddeokbokki or fish cake to notice. But today some kiddos saw me so I stopped to chat:

아비갤 선생님! Abigail teacher!
안녕하세요! 오뎅을 먹어요? [I peered into his cup] Hi! Are you eating fish cake?
네 오뎅이에요! 먹고 봤어요? Yes! Have you tried it?
네! 먹고 봤어요 yes I have!
떡볶이 먹고 봤어요? Have you also tried ddeokbokki? [another student starts poking him to stop asking the teacher so many questions]
네 맛있어요ㅋㅋ yes it’s delicious
Ok I’m going home now!
Bye teacher!

So cute ♥️

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