1.2 Fall 2019

Week 6, Friday

Sixth grade was supposed to present a “hot” place to me but most forgot to do their homework. The few who did attempted comedy but couldn’t do a follow through (“ you should go to jail” “OK sure I’ll play along. What should I do in jail, what are the opening hours?” “Um uh I don’t know”) and even fewer presented anything of note.

It did lead to a very interesting discussion in 6-1 about SM town (One of the most famous K-pop company headquarters that you can enter). I told the class I ate an NCT cupcake there and they got excited. My co-teacher doesn’t know NCT, only BTS, so we all laughed at her in good fun.

Sixth grade also forgets basic grammar rules (I can shopping, it is a beautiful) and once again it’s pity that I can’t have them to myself three times a week.

But my shy friend Heejoo approached me after class to ask that I review her “hot” place description. Yes girl! Ask away! I love seeing interpersonal relationships encourage English comfort and interest.

One of my boys kept saying sentences but would abort halfway through and say “uh hello”.

Another girl told S excitedly that she saw me yesterday. I feel horrible but… I don’t remember. I think we passed and I said hello, which I do to all my students outside of school. But I’m glad the little hello made her day.

After the mildly disappointing hot place presentations, we discussed collocations. Every language has them: two or more words that usually go together. Make money, get on the bus, get off the bus, get a job. Korean has these also and I told the students my personal mistakes:

“Okay class, let me give you some examples in Korean. I made this mistake when I was taking Korean class this summer:
밥을 먹다 Eat food
아침을 먹다 Eat breakfast
점심을 먹다 Eat lunch
저녁을 먹다. Eat dinner
But 식사를….. Meal
하다 not 먹다 (do a meal NOT eat a meal)”

They lit up with understanding and it was great to see!

After lunch S and I straightened out the last of the phone and bank hangups. We then had another teatime to welcome the new new English teacher which involved questioning me if I want to get married, what I think of Korean men, and my religious practices. There was pizza though and I can withstand just about anything for free food.

Best of all, I got to meet my favorite people for one of my favorite foods in one of my favorite areas.

I made it to the gym after which was surprisingly packed at 10 PM on a Friday. My friend asked, is it scary at night? But I don’t think so. On my way home I even saw families out eating dinner and elementary schoolers in the subway station. Seoul is a place for night owls.

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