1.2 Fall 2019

Week 9, Monday

Fifth grade played a game in which they were given dialogues with missing words. The full dialogues were posted outside the class and one person from each group had to run outside, read, and report back to the group.

We actually spent the whole lesson on this since the students at this school are lower level in English (although I’m not sure what that says about us as teachers versus the system itself). They were surprisingly challenged by my name selections of… Nathan.

Nathan?? Very unexpected. But my “handsome “student called me over to review pronunciation and she did an awesome job. So proud.

Curly hair bangs in fifth grade said “hello teacher”; This may not sound like a lot but a few weeks ago I couldn’t even get her to respond to me in English. And now she’s taking initiative to greet me in the hallway. Excellent.

I guilted the guitar teacher not once but twice today, completely by accident. I can’t help my powers:

Golden kiwis were featured at lunch again: the skin of these is like a yellow potato so I eat it whole. I stopped to ask the guitar teacher at lunch and grilled him about what skin Koreans deem edible. Later during lunch I saw he had eaten the skin.

In the afternoon I ran into him and his ukulele cohort of third-graders in the hallway. Some of the third-graders were carrying three ukuleles to which I exclaimed, wow so many! He was not carrying any but when I looked back he had one in each arm.

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