1.2 Fall 2019

Week 11, Monday

There is something I didn’t tell you.

PhD asked me out. I politely declined but offered if he was at all spending time together non-romantically, I would be happy to meet, but only if he wanted to.

So on Sunday PhD and I had kimchi stew and later he said “you’re the least foreign foreign person I know.” I was all “hair flip of course” until I was forced back into reality today.

To be frank, I had an embarrassing school lunch (have you ever thought someone’s ankles were cute? Please kill me) and felt depressed about my language lacking. Everything I have come to fear about lunch conversations happened today: interrupting a conversation by accident by trying to ask in English, saying something in English that’s important but is brushed aside in favor of Korean conversation.

I felt my whole face go red and just ugh coursing humiliation. I’m supposed to go to a dinner talk with all the subject teachers, but is my presence really required if no one is going to speak English?

So I had some gross feelings and sadness about bureaucracy.


My beautiful grade 5 crew came to save the day. They are my walking antidepressants. We messed around as usual, me trying to dunk Strong Girl’s head in the faucet, general chaos, “HELLO TEACHER” and me yelling “fight fight fight! UFC 2019!” at Monster Girl chasing Sky Boy.

I’m a very mature influence.

All this happened outside of guitar teacher’s room so he knows I’m a capable and competent human being. Or a complete spaz. Whatever, at least I’m popular.

I was running late filling up my water bottle when I saw 5-3 heading to English class. I raced them all there. And I won.

In class Strong Girl had her hand on the back of Weak Boy’s neck and I am so intrigued by their relationship. They have the closest coed relationship I’ve seen in the school. This morning they talked through the open sliding door while she was peeing in the girls bathroom.

There were some tears from Handsome student when gym friend and another boy left her out of the group activity but she did a complete 180 when she moved to a group of all girls and they had a great time. As she was leaving class, she pet my hair so I pet hers back.

Very excited to report I’ll also be conducting speaking tests for the fifth graders too. Look into my foreign eyes and tell me your hobby!

I had fourth grade make their own rule posters. As expected there were many surrounding killing and doodoo. I taught one girl how to spell fart, and also corrected poop spelling (S initially told them it was “puh” which sounds like a fancy French side item).

The bureaucracy weighed me down a little bit today but my kiddos rescued me with their general tomfoolery.

And of course my winter clothes box/care package arrive today in a slightly defeated arrangement. Thanks mom! Now I just need to buy a garment rack and more clothes hangers and maybe some storage so that I can put my clothes somewhere.

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