1.2 Fall 2019

Week 11, Wednesday

A day of small wins. Thank goodness.

Grade four did very well and participated more in my lesson: 1. listen first, tell me what you hear 2. Repeat key phrases 3. Team 1 versus Team 2 stand and say. Competition is one way to galvanize participation.

They’re also more interested in this lesson about money than any previous topic…. I quizzed them about exchange rates and global currency symbols. For the £ I gave them the hint 미국의 부모님 America’s parent and one student got it (some said “France!”).

In the afternoon I took a TOPIK (test of proficiency in Korean) practice test. I’m cleared for an easy level 1 score and with some study I can clear level 2, which is equivalent to A2. My eyes hurt after reading Korean for an hour which tells me I’m out of practice from my Hankuk days. But with some practice I’ll be ready for the next official exam in January.

*I’m writing this on the bus and Mariah Carey is playing. All I Want For Christmas is inescapable.

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