1.2 Fall 2019

Week 15, Monday

An observation, a mistake, and a development.

G: “you always look more tired on Mondays. Your face is smaller.”

Part of my exhaustion was staying up late last night attempting to understand Korean credit card online payments and part was due to my terrible miscalculation of eating fire chicken whose ill effects are still plaguing me today.

Life ran on, oblivious to my collapsing gastrointestinal system.

The first grade 4 class of the day was loud and obnoxious during the game so I made them all sit back down with their heads on their desks (part of the plan anyway to select “zombies”) and told them “Do we speak Korean in this game? Do we speak English in this game? Do we run around screaming like crazy people in this game?” Anyone who acted a fool was told to sit down and their team lost a point. They were markedly less crazy after that and I felt very alive and powerful.

At lunch guitar teacher remarked “your hat is very beautiful” (ha don’t you mean my face?) and later things took an interesting turn:

Strong Girl was jumping and hanging off the music room door frame making a whole lot of noise. Considering the things I see daily I have no idea what’s allowed or not, so I just laughed at her and asked what she was doing, then continued on to the the trough sinks outside the music classroom to brush my teeth.

Guitar teacher came out of the classroom to scold her and I’m 90% sure the conversation ended like this:

“Well your girlfriend said it was okay.”

He responded somewhat exasperatedly, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

I pretended I was very invested in brushing my teeth and observing the fall leaves through the open hall window.

But if I did hear this right, how often do the students say this to him that he’s had to deny it? Hats off to Strong Girl who’s really out here living her best chaotic-neutral life.

An excellent explanation or moral alignments. Art by opencasketsurgery on Tumblr.

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