1.2 Fall 2019

Last Day of Fall Semester

I did attend the grade 6 graduation. Upon entering the venue where all the students sat in their caps and gowns, the 6-4 girls called out “Ah Abigail Teacher!!”. I waved back and made my way to S to see if there was anything I needed to do but was intercepted by a gaggle of grade 4 girls.

One clung to my arm like a koala while they other two excitedly told me their older sisters were graduating.

Several other grade 3 and 4 kiddos were there to see their siblings graduate and the resemblances were uncanny. I pointed out Seungkwan Jr to H. “Oh, you mean Kyungmin?” Once she pulled up the real Seungkwan (member of boy group SEVENTEEN) picture she immediately burst into laughter. I’m happy one person can share my understanding of the source material for my kids’ nicknames.

The subject teachers all went out to lunch at a fusion place so ya girl got her pasta and cheese fix. One of the graduates and his grade 3 brother were actually at the same restaurant.

A true american spread with no honeyed garlic bread in sight.

After this I won’t see H anymore. Or technically any teacher for the next three weeks as I desk warm in the auditorium building but I’m on good terms with the staff (see: “Abigail love youuu”). S will actually come back Monday to have lunch with me for which I’m so grateful.

H and I traded contact info and I hope to meet her husband and baby soon.

The school is closing in on itself with boxes; because all the ceilings will be ripped out (asbestos) everything from the cafeteria to music room has been boxed up and left in the classrooms or the hallway for the moving and construction company.

I’ll edit videos, work on moving these posts to a real blog form, lesson plan for next year, rewatch my favorite show of all time on DVD, and study Korean over the next weeks. And plan my actual vacation in February— I’m thinking a solid few days in Gangneung which is a beach town in the east. I need a clean air detox! Oh and I’ll get the Chinese visa situated.*

Luckily no one cares much what I do on the computer as long as I’m there, a departure from my previous jobs where managers would drop in suddenly and stare at my computer screen.

I can’t believe semester one is done. I get another semester with new third graders and I get to watch my other kids grow up.

TOPIK test on Sunday is keeping me grounded and then it’s freeish sailing.

*Unfortunately, the appearance of the Coronovirus will prevent me from making any China plans.

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