1.3 Winter 2020

Desk Warming, Day 5

I figured out why this week has been a bit more draining than expected.

During the school year I had S, H, G, and 250 little gremlins to keep me company.

Now my days have been reduced to what would be ideal for an introvert: Hello, no thanks, goodbye. Not out of the ordinary for an office by any means. But my little extrovert heart needs those daily power ups.

However, I got a power up today from the stern security guard.

I came back from a delightful little lunch of blood sausage soup made by a cute older couple at an empty traditional restaurant. “Ah solo.” He commented again. I told him the office staff eats too fast and then thought, maybe I shouldn’t be telling all the other school workers I think that. But honestly I’m still feeling offended by their discourteous behavior and I’m not above being petty.

Blood sausage soup (순대국). This ran around 8,000 won. Side dishes are always free and I’ll be sad the day I have to pay for them outside of Korea.

He added something else which I didn’t know so we both whipped out our smart phone dictionaries. While doing so I asked him why the school gates were open only a little bit, just enough for a person.

He then popped off about the construction workers and when he saw I didn’t understand he said something like “you don’t know what I’m saying.”
Me: nope!

He finally explained 참는다 which means “hang in there” or “tough it out” since vacation is soon. He gave me some examples and I finally got it! We had a good laugh and he’s my new favorite person.

We’re both people who look stern when not smiling but like children when we do. Comrades.

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