1.3 Winter 2020

Winter Vacation, Day 2

The perfect vacation:

  • Start with a breakfast made by the hostel owner; the owner, Korean-New Zealand woman, and I have a talk for 2 hours
  • Visit 오죽헌, the birthplace of the woman painter who is on the 50,000 won note and her Confucian scholar son who is on the 5,000 won note; find one small boy staring at me even though the only foreign part of me showing over a mask (I would say coronavirus but really it was due to pollution) was my eyes so I stared back and said 안녕! His mom and I laughed then a delayed minute later a tiny 안녕하세요 came from behind me; another young boy kept insisting on scooting in front of me and stepping on my toes at each glass walled exhibit until I stared at him with my foreign eyes and he retracted his foot to walk gingerly around me
  • Spend an inordinate amount of time on observing a diorama of ancient Korea life that frankly should win an award
  • Get lost and ascend a pine covered and oddly slanted stone staircase that leads not to the lake but instead a family tomb
  • Pass the same mother and daughter several times as it turns out we all were lost
  • Make it to another historical site 선교장 without any further accidental tomb discoveries
  • Fall asleep in a 14th century pagoda
  • Touch the East Sea
  • Eat too much raw fish at a local restaurant and accidentally get tipsy on high proof wine
  • Drink coffee and eat cheesecake at the coffee shop next door while probably making terribly nostalgic faces at the reality show about Korean actors running a food truck in America
  • Discover an adult store named “Banana” en route to the bathroom
  • Run and catch the local bus, remind the driver he owes me change
  • Crash in the hostel bed with enough time to read and play around on the internet


Expectation versus reality or: winter.
The best Easter egg in the diorama.

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