1.3 Winter 2020

Last Day of Winter Desk Warming

It has finally arrived!

I told the English speaking woman that I wouldn’t be here next week and asked what I should with my things. She seemed confused as to why I would take vacation but I restrained myself from launching into “Vacation, Interrupted”. S told the office manager my situation but let them think what they will.

Many of the words we practiced throughout the week were a buildup to “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” by Eric Carle. We practiced colors, then colors and animals, then “I see…”. I read the story once then reviewed I/you/we/us/me which all appeared in the story. Students later had to match the English and Korean pronouns. We read the story again, with each student being assigned an animal and standing up when their animal was called. We read together once more, with students standing up and reading altogether. Of course, even with various integrated readings, the students were wiggly and restless as it was their last day, so I switched to their favorite “Head Shoulders Knees Toes”. They LOVE the sped up version and it’s a great way to tire them out.

I wrapped up with a review of the things we had learned and we all sang “Hello How Are You”. I told them it was my last day so “if you see me at school, what should you say?”

“Hello, teacher!”


I have learned so much about pacing and how to teach better these last two weeks. It certainly helps having immediate feedback from 20 young critics. I can also see the difference that one hour a day of English makes versus 80 minutes a week.

The teaching style of E and C are still unknown to me but I will remember what I’ve done these last two weeks for when I have my own classroom.

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