1.4 Spring 2020 (COVID Archives)

March 5

Let’s sort today into “almosts” and “alls”.


  • I’ve almost lost ten pounds since moving to Korea. With the comments I get about my face looking smaller and smaller, I assume most of it is from my head.
  • I needed to make a scan and after asking for assistance, the head teacher slid up next to me and said “biscuits” then deposited a stack of individually wrapped crackers in my hand. These would become my lunch. An almost lunch.
  • S almost got me “work from home time” because she’s the real MVP. Almost. Request denied by the VP again so I will continue trekking to school. But at least I hear that teachers will work two days at school the next two weeks so I’ve roped S into having lunch with me.


  • I realized today that I don’t even think about being naked when I’m in the women’s locker room anymore. I am all in for Eastern practicality. One step closer to being Korean.
  • Lesson one of module one of the teaching program is complete!
  • I heard high pitched voices and did a complete 180. My students! (They were not my students, or even children.)
  • The military contract guy who will work with the special needs student whenever/if ever the semester starts, was tasked with taking down papers in the hall. I heard him rustling outside the class and peered through the window from my desk and we made eye contact. But I maintained the eye contact and then I couldn’t stop, in a weird show for dominance.
  • I ate my all time favorite breakfast food (cold leftover pizza and eggs benedict are a close second):
I could really eat convenience store tuna triangle kimbap every day.

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