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June 26, Comedy of Errors

After buying a new toilet seat and flushing one of the screws down the toilet, I had to laugh at my life.

But the shock didn’t end there.

During lunch C turned to me and said, “I searched the two numbers you sent me and searched for them on KakaoTalk.”

(When I had those issues with that crazy guy, I screenshoted the twenty calls he managed to make from two different numbers before I blocked both.)

KakaoTalk is the primary wifi based messaging app here, much like Whatsapp. You can make as many accounts as you want although people usually link it to a phone number so they don’t get locked out.

C had searched for the two phone numbers he used and dropped this bomb on me:

“Yeah there are many pictures of a couple so I think that guy has a girlfriend.”

We arrived back to the classroom but of course some students wandered in to drop off assignments as I sat there dying of curiosity.

They finally, finally left and I sprung out of my chair to ask for the pictures.

“Here is one of the profiles,” she pulled up one that had his Korean name only but no pictures.

“And here is the profile associated with the other number.” It was clearly a young woman’s profile and when she scrolled down, there it was. A picture of a man and woman embracing each other.

I gasped and stepped back in shock. It was him. Most definitely him. In between photos of roses and sunsets, there he was, in a photo not so different from an engagement shoot.

I didn’t think I’d ever be stupid enough to be that girl and it turns out… I’m capable of many things.

I told C dramatically, “I’ll never love again!” and more realistically to my friends, “I’ll never meet men from the internet again.” Because this right here is not worth it.

I have to wonder, what lie did he tell his girlfriend as he phoned another woman 16 times in a row? What lie did he tell her when he borrowed her phone to do the same? Was she in the bathroom? Was she sleeping? Did she think I was some vagabond that owed her precious boyfriend money?

Our relationship was so pitiful that I don’t even qualify as the other woman.

I spent months scoffing at every “Don’t date Korean Men” video on YouTube but who’s the fool now.

Live and learn, friends.

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