1.4 Spring 2020 (COVID Archives)

July 23

Asia Time had me travel an hour, walk 20 minutes in the rain, and go to three different buildings only to be told I couldn’t see the eye doctor after all because I didn’t have a referral.

Well, I could see the doctor but it wouldn’t be covered by insurance unless I had a referral. And the international clinic GPs don’t see patients for eye problems.

I almost cried right there.

“You would need to get a referral from a local eye clinic since we are specialists,” the international billing receptionist explained through the eye clinic receptionist’s desk phone.

“My local eye doctor doesn’t speak English, that’s why I wanted to come here.”

I felt so frustrated but admitted to myself that it’s best from now on to snag a korean friend as a translator and go to a local clinic instead of fighting for a (willing) English speaking doctor.

Guess I’ll just be a big kid.

I trudged dejectedly through the hospital labyrinth and stopped to treat myself to Gongcha.

This was very good, I recommend.

I’m perversely delighted to tell C about the hospital mishap, maybe she’ll be my guardian next time.

Regardless of my feelings the rain came down in sheets, making my sandals soggy slippers and my flared pants wet leggings.

It was a kind of release after a tense morning and it’s best to focus on the good things, all the good things, because life has plenty of them.

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