2.1 Summer & Fall 2020

And now… Busan.

I got approved for my new visa, I moved out of my terrible little one room in Seoul, and I made my way down in probably the longest day of my life to Busan.

I’ll spare you the details of the seemingly decade long journey but probably the most interesting part of the day was the Seoul cabbie who hissed “son of a…” every 300 meters and insisted that my suitcase had to be full of books otherwise how could it be so heavy.

There were no books in there, I just have a gift.

I now live in a sharehouse with three Koreans, one Brazilian, and a corgi. I went from teacher to student, salary to savings, capital to coast.

And though my time here has been quite short so far, Busan is shaping up to be everything I needed.

Marine city adventures coming soon~

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