2.1 Summer & Fall 2020

Happy Peppero Day~

It’s 11/11 so you know what that means… Lotte’s commercial holiday is here! Peppero is a chocolate-dipped pretzel that is long and thin like a pencil. I pretend that means I can eat the whole package as one serving.

In China, this is actually called “Singles Day” due to the many “1s” in the date and everything goes on sale.

Here, rather than singles celebrating it was a corporate festival and all day I saw businessmen carrying around stacks of Peppero boxes I assume were meant for coworkers and bosses.

As it was our last in-person class, our first period teacher had gone through the effort of cutely bagging up two almond Pepperos for each of us.

Gift from our teacher.

I know it’s a successful ploy by Lotte to have more people buy their product but I don’t hate it. Snacks deserve celebrations, too.

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