2.2 Winter 2020-2021

February 13

The Not Rock roommate may join the ranks of strange male roommates after all. In hushed urgency House Owner called me into the hallway with Japan Aunt who reported to us that even though she told The Not Rock good morning in English and Korean, he hadn’t even made eye contact with her.

“Maybe he had in earphones?” I suggested but Japan Aunt shook her head. House Owner looked forlorn and asked me to keep an eye on things while she’s gone since Freshman is out of town and therefore she’s down one confidant.

House Owner added he seems serious and I noted he doesn’t have much of a sense of humor. She agreed which means my intuition was right.

For at least two days I didn’t see or hear from him and started to wonder if we should investigate his room.

But that would be unnecessary because as House Owner later informed me, he had suddenly checked out early from his ten day stay. He didn’t tell her in person but instead sent her a text and saw himself out. None of us saw him leave.

“He complained that we weren’t wearing masks in the common area.” She started.

“We all live here, why would we wear masks inside,” I spluttered. All of us are long term stays.

“And he said the trash had a strong smell.” Fair, food waste has gotten rank up there from time to time.

“And he complained that the fridge smelled like Korean food when he opened it.”

I was shocked that this guy moved to Korea and complained about a Korean house smelling like Korean food.

“Honestly I’m a little relieved,” she added. House Owner did seem to be more wary of him than any other man in our house so far which is concerning.

“I think he’s a little bit sensitive so…”

“It’s best for everyone that he moved out to his own single bedroom place.”

She nodded.

Another day, another weird roommate.

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