3.1 Spring 2021

March 11, Celebrity

One con of living in a small town is I had to walk twenty minutes to get to the nearest post office. The pro was on my way back a group of middle school girls stared at me, said “wow”, and then waved.

The road to local celebrity? I accept. I seem to get no reaction out of anyone else so I appreciate whatever fan club I can get.

Today I had planned to do a writing worksheet and comic drawing with my fourth graders today but I quickly realized I had heaped too much on their plate for one 35 minute class. Luckily, I was able to learn from my morning mistake and correct for four of the six fourth grade classes.

I mourn that I can’t have more time with them each week because their writing really needs improvement, but I have to accept what I cannot change. If they can’t write well then at least they can become orally proficient but illiterate, like me in Korean!

As for the other grades, co-teacher Jack had fifth grade today and reported that the fifth graders like my class and “big reactions”. I never made it into a school play but at least one crowd appreciates my theatrics! My school career is looking bright.

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