3.1 Spring 2021

April 26

One of the 6-1 girls recently got a very cute bob. She and her tall friend (two of the three that back hug tackled me) shouted hello at me and she said “hello teacher I love you!” before I even got a hello out.

“Is this a new haircut?” I asked.

“Uh… Yes!”

“I love it. It’s pretty!”

“Omg thank you so much!”

Funny enough neither of these girls are this talkative in class so I try to keep in mind that kids see me even if I don’t see them.

I’ve come to really like the sixth grade teachers. I had to catch one in the hallway to put in the password for the other teachers computer. That teacher was nowhere to be found so I took my chance!

Without me noticing that teacher also wrote the new password in my planner while I had started class. She pointed it out when we were in the lounge together, whipping out excellent.

“Wow. Teacher, your English is so good!” She stared at me for a moment before shaking my arm in embarrassed delight.

“No, I’m not! Really!”

“Yes, you are!”

I told GJ, this teacher, and the non English speaking teacher from 6-5 about my snake adventure. GJ shared there is also a species of deer that has large fangs. That didn’t make sense to me so I asked if she was motioning to show a beard.

“A beard.”

“A what?”

I switched to Korean “uh… hair that’s on the face?” My savior swooped on again after GJ kept saying teeth to supply 수면. Vocabulary acquired!

GJ showed me a picture and honestly the deer honestly looks pretty dumb. She explained that it only eats grass.

“Then why the teeth…?”

She didn’t have an answer.

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