3.1 Spring 2021

May 5, Car

It has been an adventure and a half.

The morning started with a delayed taxi ride hosted by an older man who asked if my husband was Korean and told me that I was smart for speaking Korean at the level I do.

“Miss Korea,” he threw in.

Is it even a taxi ride if I don’t get asked about my marriage status?

I eventually made it to Suwon, bought the first used car I test drove, explored the famous fortress walls (“built in 1795 and reconstructed in 1977 after destruction from Japanese invasion and Korean War” much to my disappointment), and crashed at a $15 hostel.

I drove nearly six hours back in rain and traffic and despite it all felt invigorated.

Rest area in Gyeongsang outside of Daegu. I could feel the culture shift once I made it down south. My people!

I have desperately missed this sense of adventure.

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