3.1 Spring 2021

7-11 Mystery

“Excuse me, what flavor is this?” I asked the woman working behind the counter at my neighborhood 7-11.

She is one of the three main workers I see among a young guy with bleached hair, an older woman with no patience for delivery men, and a new young male addition who laughed softly the other day when I dropped my purchases all over the floor and cheerfully exclaimed “aigoo!”

I’ve met this woman before because I remember her cheerily asking me where I work and what I do.

She came out from behind the counter and looked at the pink Oreos with me.

I told her in Korean, “The box just says the flavor is… Pink. But what is ‘pink’ flavor? Are they just pink Oreos?”

She was stumped. The two of us stood there flipping the box of pink Oreos with green filling around, trying to figure out if the Oreos were colored for aesthetics or for flavor.

“Aha!” She pointed at the price sticker on the shelf right below the box.

“It’s green tea-flavored.” She singled out the minuscule description and our mystery was solved.

“Thanks for the help,” I told her, gently sliding the pink Oreos back on the shelf.

I’m an Oreo purist, what can I say.

I paid, dropped the cookies into my purse, and after saying goodbye, went along my merry way back up the mountain.

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