3.1 Spring 2021

June 14, No Luck in Love

I realized that every day I give four to five interactive presentations. Put that on a resume!

Today I tried to see what about 6-6 draws Helen in. 6-5 really ticked me off with excessive talking and one student repeatedly saying “goodbye” before class had ended.

I ended class a minute early and they were shocked. “Wait it’s actually over?”

Yeah, I don’t want to spend time with you when you act like this! My notes revealed that 6-5 constantly swings between being interactive and overwhelming.

Then it was 6-6’s time to shine.

And they did! I told them we’d play a game but only if they behaved, and they did well self-regulating. Or at least, shouting at disruptive students to shut it. It took a huge weight off my shoulders and released my gathered tension from 6-5.

The day was fairly relaxed after that until social media took me on an unexpected sleuthing turn and dropped back all the tension from earlier.

Remember my fun day of surfing? The cute boys? The good weather? The maybe flirting?


I found out that not only is the surf instructor in a relationship, he is in fact dating the YouTuber that tagged along for part of the party.

I thought she looked a tad familiar but she is in fact a big name.

And now I feel like a big old moron.

Not only did I find out that depressing news, I also faced an awkward situation today as well where my friend proposed setting me up with a guy. A guy who apparently already knew me. Because for the day I was weak and opened a dating app, we matched.

Frankly, I had been planning to delete it and all the matches, online dating is not my bag, but somehow now instead I’ve planned a coffee meet up with the three of us.

Abs, what on earth are you doing??

I want to laugh but frankly I’m a bit offended that the universe keeps pulling my leg at my expense. My ego can’t take it!

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