3.3 Fall 2021

October 25, Okay~

My pretty pink USB crapped out at the T minus ten minute mark so I emailed the sixth grade teachers on my schedule today with the lesson PPT attached.

When I arrived to 6-4, I got to prepping. But the short video for today’s class opened in what appeared to be an already loaded internet window.

The first tab read:

알겠습니다 영어로

Or, “how to say ‘okay, understood’ in English”.

I stared at the tab for a moment. The 6-4 teacher is amazingly proficient, mostly evidenced by her cheery English small talk in the sixth grade break room for which I’m so very grateful.

A small, touched laugh stuck in my throat. It was easy to imagine: she received my email and then agonized for a long while. Should I respond in Korean? In English? If so, how?

None of the other teachers replied to me, it wasn’t necessary, but I could feel the English fear through the silent school messenger.

When I got back to the office an hour later, I found the message the 6-4 teacher had eventually sent.


I didn’t get a chance to tell her that was the most natural response of all.

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