4.1 Spring 2022

March 28, Win some and lose some

Yesterday I returned to the salon a friend had suggested, only for the woman who cut my hair last time to be absent.

Another women with eerily similar stylings cut my hair a bit… shorter than expected. I’m verging on rich tennis mom territory.

That’s partly on me, and that’s partly a usual complaint from other friends that Korean stylists are scissor happy. But I’m someone who’s nearly shaved her head before so short hair isn’t too bad of a shocker considering I spent a month once looking like a dandelion.

The fourth graders didn’t catch my haircut but the fifth graders certainly did.

One tall girl talked over the computer monitor while I plugged in my USB to get class set up.

“Teacher, you are pretty.”

The boy sitting to her left said in opposition, “Teacher, you look like a rich guy.”

“A rich guy?” I asked.

“Yes,” he nodded solemnly.

He’s not wrong, I’m in that one inch hair territory between K-pop boy and “where’s the manager”.

But hey, at least I look rich?

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