4.1 Spring 2022

July 18, I love them

Instead of giving 5-1 the last day worksheet, we instead talked about kpop trends and had a spontaneous fashion show, complete with YouTube catwalk music.

This was inspired less by fashion and more by my boys who had spontaneously started to strut while passing out papers. Why not throw away the lesson for a modeling show? It’s the last week of the semester.

Two of these boys have pretended to make out with each other in the past for the sake of theater; there’s very little this class will not do.

There’s one boy I can count on to always look at in commiseration and another whose eyes literally sparkle with mischief right before he does something entertaining (he’s my favorite, shh).

There’s a boy who pretends to be a grandpa and a girl who loves to open her eyes wide and stare at me in mock craziness. She and four others once did this at the same time and it was a like children of the corn moment.

5-1 is a group of sarcastic yet self-aware weirdos which means they are my favorite.

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