1.3 Winter 2020

Desk Warming, Day 10

In the most absurd moment yet, en route to the gym bathroom I interrupted the VP practicing unicycling.

I have no words.

H popped in before lunch to submit her taxes before her gap year and offered to take me out for coffee. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to leave my post so early so she went upstairs to ask the VP, perhaps interrupting a lap.

We got the greenlight and spent an hour at the coffee shop where the barista hates S (see “Week 9, Thursday”) and had good life chats. She told me that she told the VP “I think it must be very boring for Abigail” and VP supposedly agreed and sympathized that my condition is not good.

This phrase is a Korean to English thing whose meaning is still lost on me. I don’t wear makeup or dress up much since I don’t have any sixth grade fan girls to impress, or maybe I am sick and they noticed it before me.

Of course I do wonder, if the VP worries about me why not just let me leave early? I’m not too bored though, it’s disturbingly easy to amuse myself on the internet for eight hours. I spent almost two researching English language history and making a diagram with input from Josh Maraj. Is it needed? Absolutely not. Does anyone at the school care about linguistics? Nope. But will I have a captive audience of twelve year olds next semester? I will indeed.

I told S “The VP told me I should take a ten minute break every hour—”

“Oh he told me that also!” S added.

“But where do I go…?”

S told me no one cares if I take a long lunch or just leave for a break during the day.

With that in mind I went to the bank to get another security card and then had ramen at the GS25 where I am rapidly becoming a well known regular. I was gone for two hours between coffee and convenience store lunch but I basically have the green light so…

Coming back there were two grade 6 boys playing at the kids park.

“Oh. It’s Abigail teacher. Hi!”

I love seeing my kids around. Even if they happen to be the sixth graders.

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