1.3 Winter 2020

Desk Warming, Day 9

I’m understanding more of the back neighborhoods around my school: today I ate my ramen at GS25 then wandered. The area behind the school must be an older neighborhood because many of the buildings exhibit characteristics of 1970s Korean architecture: low brick buildings, intricate metal doors.

The sun was shining in my eyes so it took me some time to recognize Tank Boy in a popular shortcut alleyway by the school.

“Hello, teacher!” He shouted from his bike.

Did I ever tell you that his dream job is to be a professional MTX biker?

I also surprised one of my grade 4 boys as I emerged between two old buildings in a very residential spot. We waved to each other and I’m sure he was left wondering, does teacher live here?

In the afternoon S came to register her paperwork just like the other teachers. It was so nice to see her face, I feel like it’s been a decade and not just ten days. She helped my unregister from my accidental Coupang rocket membership. I usually click buttons in online shopping in hopes to eventually make it to the checkout window since Coupang does not have an English language option.

She ran back in a few minutes later to retrieve her forgotten USB.

Suggested reading: A Complex Issue: The Apart-ization of South Korea

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