1.3 Winter 2020

School, Interrupted

Here we go again!

The thing about Covid-19 is that it DEFINITELY runs on Asia Time.

I saw on the news that a cult, being as morally righteous and helpful as a cult is, spread the virus all throughout the southern cities of Korea from a stable 50 to a newly reported figure of over 600.

I didn’t know if this would affect me since people in Seoul seem less concerned than ever, but a late night “how are you” text from S sent off warning bells in my head. Recall that last time she texted, I had to cancel my vacation.

“Did you hear the news? School has been postponed by a week.” Now, I didn’t respond cheekily like I wanted to and say “where would I have heard that” although a part of me wondered what would happen if no one told me.

Being a teacher at a public school, I am also affected. Even though I was so excited to finally see my kids and bully Guitar Teacher into being friends with me, the school year has been pushed to the second week of March.


All teachers still have to go to school.


I am SO TIRED of desk warming. These teachers have come fresh off of seven weeks of vacation while I have haggardly stumbled in and out of five weeks of desk warming, daycare, and rearranged vacation.

This also means that the school year will probably add on an extra week at the end of the year which completely throws a wrench in my vacation plans. Will we still have two weeks of summer camp? Will I end this contract with extra days of vacation? I specifically worked an extra week this winter so I could have more time off in summer but now who knows.

C’est la vie. I’ll just go to the spa several more times this week and accept what I cannot control.

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