1.3 Winter 2020

First Delivery Order

There is a very certain kind of fear that is known to few: when you receive a call from a local number in a country whose language you don’t speak. But I had to overcome this fear in order to get delivery fried chicken. Do something every day that scares you, right?

I nervously hit enter on the delivery app, my first time to ever get delivery on my own, after leaving a note that I was a foreigner so please talk slowly on the phone.

As things tend to go, the delivery man called me because he ended up in another building, then chastised me when I came looking for him for using the wrong address. For some reason the delivery app automatically detects location but also requires you to manually enter it.

He wanted to argue with me that the automatic address was wrong but I pointed to the line under it on his phone that was my building. It reminded me of the video where the dad is passionately arguing with an oblivious toddler. I am the toddler.

Then he said “next time make sure you enter it correctly”. Yes sir! He must have been booking it because the food arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Only in Korea!

My note in the gray box says:
I’m a foreigner and don’t speak Korean well so if you call me please speak slowly 🙂 call and I will come out

I got a free soda and fries and I like to think the delivery app saw my sad note and rewarded my bravery.

“Fried Really Home Good”.

Language Corner

While arguing with the delivery man about my address, I said 아난데요. Besides being something I mutter to myself when shopping, it really came in handy. -데요 verb ending implies disagreement with the speaker.

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