1.4 Spring 2020 (COVID Archives)

August 21

C: Have you received any maintenance bill?

Me: Huh?

C: Or when you first moved in, was the landlady there? Or the real estate agent?

Me: Nope, it was just me and S. Honestly I don’t think the landlady has ever come in to look at the apartment in the five years an English teacher has lived here.

C: So what needs maintenance in the apartment?

Where do I begin…

Me: the cable doesn’t work, the microwave doesn’t heat up, the bed frame came apart, the AC is dirty as you know, oh and the light fixture is broken. To be fair, I broke that.

I left out the part about the flies that seem to multiply overnight regardless of how often I take out my trash or clean the drains.

C: Is the light noticeable?

Me: Uh yeah I think so.

(The cover is a giant white bowl and without it, the foot long halogen bulbs are very out of place.)

C: Then if she notices it I’ll just tell her it was the previous teacher. If she tries to overcharge for any maintenance I’ll argue with her.

Damn, C is hardcore! A friend said I am slowly adding more Koreans to my gang.

Regardless, my boxes have been packed and shipped, I’ve sold and donated just about everything in the apartment and my fate will be decided Tuesday.

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